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1.  Career Chart: Salary and Sense of Purpose

Dr. Liva LaMontagne wrote this comprehensive article focusing on the following topic and questions: How SEM Strategists (Search Engine Marketing) Construct The Meaning Of Their Work. Here are the questions Liva posed:

  • “What attracted you to this job?” 
  • “What makes it meaningful (or less meaningful) for you?”

Please take an the opportunity to read Liva’s article. She received 22 responses. I’m humbled she published my submission under her Constant Learning and Testing section.


2. 24 Marketing Experts Reveal the Most Effective Ways to Leverage Big Data in Your Marketing Strategy posed the following question: “What’s the single most effective way marketers can leverage big data in their marketing strategy.”

I described how Amazon uses big data analysis to strategically focus on current college customers and transform them into Amazon Prime Members.


3. LinkedIn Pulse Featuring Eight (8) Social Media ReInvention Blog Posts from 2015 (and Counting)

I’m always grateful whenever I earn “featured status” on LinkedIn Pulse. It’s not an easy achievement (at least for me it isn’t). That’s why self-publishing a personal blog is a key marketing and branding tactic.

I haven’t published my own version of the X Things You Have to Do So Your Post Gets Featured on LinkedIn Pulse.

Why? I have no clue what makes one article more LinkedIn Pulse-worthy versus another one. Not A Clue.

For whatever reason, LinkedIn Pulse is featuring these 2015 Social Media ReInvention articles (as of publishing this article):

I will continue publishing LinkedIn blog posts. Please keep your fingers crossed. Mine are.

In the words of Wayne Gretzky

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


4. LinkedIn Startup of YOU Group Features Social Media ReInvention as a Top Contributor

Members of our community know I highly value the The Start-Up of YOU book and The Start-Up of YOU: A Career Strategy LinkedIn Group. The book and its LinkedIn Group inspired me to publish a multiple-post series on its learnings.

I’ve received tremendous value in posting articles I thought would help the Start-Up of You LinkedIn Community.  The following pictures show it’s better to give than to receive:


Social Media ReInvnetion Startup of You Manager's Choice

LinkedIn Screen Shot Social Media ReInvention in LinkedIn Groups Email


LinkedIn Screen Shot Social Media ReInvention Top Contributor June 2015


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