YAY! LinkedIn Pulse Publishes Social Media ReInvention Post About Tim Cook in Big Ideas and Innovation Category!

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LinkedIn Pulse selected my latest blog post, "Tim Cook’s Killer Innovation Hack: Diversity in Thought in Apple’s Ecosystem (with a Capital D)," for publication in its "Big Ideas and Innovation Category!” 8,780,062 LinkedIn members follower this category in their LinkedIn News Feed (as of December 3rd).


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Here’s the link to the Tim Cook post on LinkedIn Pulse. As of writing this blog post, the Tim Cook / Apple Ecosystem article earned:

  • 1,052 LinkedIn Views
  • 54 LinkedIn Likes
  • 45 LinkedIn Shares

BuzzSumo analysis showed these social shares late last night:

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Third Time Hitting the LinkedIn Pulse Lottery

Fingers Crossed, It Won’t Be the Last. Social Media ReInvention Community Members know of my excitement when LinkedIn Pulse published two other blog posts in the LinkedIn Pulse Social Media Category: 



Thank You for Your Continuing Support! I published my first Social Media ReInvention blog post more than five (5) years ago. Time flew by.

Thank you for granting me permission to share with you my love of technology, digital marketing, social media strategy, personal reinvention, and writing.

Here’s a screen shot one of my closest friends sent me from his iPhone. Thank you for taking time to read and support my art:

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