LinkedIn Mobile App Update: Personalized Invitations Are Here

Personalized invitations in LinkedIn Mobile App went live December 17, 2015

LinkedIn Mobile App Prompt Personalize Invitation

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Personalized invitations in LinkedIn’s Mobile App became available on iOS and Android smartphones on December 17, 2015. Yay!

A hat tip and Thank You to Stuart Rosenthal for tweeting me and Imrich Tatiersky when this important LinkedIn Mobile App feature went live!

Tweet Stuart Rosenthal Personalizing LinkedIn Invitations

Tweet From Stuart Rosenthal on LinkedIn’s Mobile App


Here are step-by-step instructions for iOS / iPhones when personalizing our LinkedIn Invitations with the latest version of LinkedIn’s Mobile App.



Don’t Invite Reid Hoffman To Connect With LinkedIn’s Mobile App

Latest LinkedIn Mobile App Release Doesn't Allow For Customized Invitations. Yet.

Reid Hoffman LinkedIn App Profile Pic

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IMPORTANT UPDATE (01/08/16): LinkedIn’s mobile app made personalized invitations available in mid-December 2016.

LinkedIn’s mobile app is much improved.  But, we can’t personalize LinkedIn Invitations in the latest release. Yet.

Didn’t my last post describe step-by-step instructions on personalizing our LinkedIn Connection Requests with LinkedIn’s Mobile App? Yes.

Those instructions are no longer valid. Here’s what I learned from a failed experiment.


LinkedIn Mobile App Hack: 5 Easy Steps To Personal Connection Requests

How to customize LinkedIn Invitations with LinkedIn's Mobile App

LinkedIn Mobile App CUSTOMIZE INVITE prompt

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Around six (6) weeks ago, I published this post criticizing LinkedIn for not updating its Project Voyager Mobile App so LinkedIn members can customize or personalize their LinkedIn Connection Requests / LinkedIn Invitations.

I Made A Mistake. We can customize or personalize our LinkedIn Connection Requests / LinkedIn Invitations from our mobile phones.

Here are step-by-step instructions and screenshots for personalizing our LinkedIn Invitations from LinkedIn’s Mobile App.



LinkedIn’s Project Voyager Mobile App Still Has A MAJOR Shortcoming

Inability to customize LinkedIn invitations via revamped mobile app is a mistake

LinkedIn Mobile Phone App flickr

Photo Credit: koka_sexton via flickr


(Updated November 28, 2015) Please refer to my post, LinkedIn Mobile App Hack: 5 Easy Steps To Personal Connection Requests: How to customize LinkedIn Invitations with LinkedIn’s Mobile App.

The Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat, and ZDNet published stories about LinkedIn’s improved and revamped LinkedIn Mobile App. Each article ignores an important, missing feature to improve the LinkedIn mobile user experience.


Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention: 06/21/15 to 06/27/15


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Please indulge me until Friday, July 31st 12:00 AM Midnight Central Time as I use the introductory paragraph of Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention to promote my nephew’s Kickstarter Campaign for his company, QuadshoX LLC. I wrote about Johnny Morris’ spinal cord injury and remarkable story in this blog post: America’s Gutsiest CEO and His Kickstarter Project Need Your Support.

Here’s the link to QuadshoX’s inspiring YouTube video to promote its Kickstarter Campaign:

The following news organizations wrote these wonderful articles about how Johnny’s and Team QuadshoX’s Corporate Mission is to transform the American wheelchair industry:

Johnny and Team QuadshoX have a limited window to raise $96,000 for the company’s initial inventory. Please join me in financially supporting the Team QuadshoX Kickstarter Campaign and join them in improving the lives of 6 million+ people wheelchair bound Americans.

Your Sunday Brunch Silicon Valley Catchphrase of the Week: Let’s Do Great Things.


Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention: 06/07/15 to 06/13/15

Sunday Brunch Newspaper Large

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I’m a former jock marveling at how LeBron James is leading the Cleveland Cavaliers through a sheer act of personal will throughout the NBA Playoffs. An NBA Championship for the city of Cleveland and King James means one word: Redemption.

Game 5 is today at 7 PM Central Time
. If you have the cash, $12,000 gets you two (2) courtside seats via StubHub.

Your Sunday Brunch Silicon Valley Catchphrase of the Week: “How Wash U Is Changing The World.” Publishing this finding embarrasses me. My alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis, is using this catchphrase in their LinkedIn Advertising campaign to Washington University Alumni.

I loathe this Silicon Valley, self-proclaimed / self-referential bullshit. Sad how this attitude infects a midwestern academic institution. Makes me want to hurl.  (more…)

Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention: 05/31/15 to 06/04/15

Sunday Brunch Newspaper

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Can you believe it? American Pharaoh won American horse racing’s elusive Triple Crown. Affirmed last accomplished this feat 37 years ago. Wow.

Exciting stuff and I hope you enjoy these additional selected articles for your Sunday Brunch Reads (along with Your Sunday Brunch Silicon Valley Catchphrase of the Week) . Eat well and have a great Sunday.

Your Sunday Brunch Silicon Valley Catchphrase of the Week: Solutions That Scale / We’re All About Scalable Solutions.

1. LinkedIn Pulse: 7 Best Ways to Customize A “Connection Request. J.T. O’Donnell, CEO of CareerHMO and CAREEREALISM Media is a LinkedIn Influencer for a reason: She writes and shares brilliant and valuable articles like this one. Her article teaches us how to differentiate and customize our LinkedIn Invitation when we’ve never met someone in-person (IRL).  (more…)

Part 1: Seth Godin’s Professional Freelancer Course

Public Thoughts from Exercise 1: Parts 1 to 3

Tony Faustino Business Card May 2015 Front Back


Yes. It’s a shitty picture. But, perfection isn’t my top priority.

Doing work and art that matters is a higher one.

I’m publicly taking and publishing the required exercises in Seth Godin’s Professional Freelancer Course on Udemy. The required exercises force you to ask: “Am I Taking This Path for The Right Reasons.”

I completed the first five (5) lectures and first exercise this past Saturday morning. It’s great stuff taught by The Godfather Himself: Mr. Seth Godin.

Seth asked his course participants to go all-in and publish their assignments. As I perform the course exercises, I will publish the results. It’s Seth teaching his students to write down, commit to, and deliver on our personal manifestos.

Here’s my public contribution and commitment to Seth’s class:  (more…)

Disable Apple Keynote’s “Shrink Text To Fit” in 5 Painless Steps [PICTURES]

WooHoo Homer Storefront LARGE

Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik


I’m publishing this blog post to help every Apple Keynote user on the planet. I encountered this familiar problem last week when using the Keynote software last week: My text kept getting resized as I continued building my deck. A quick Google Search proves I shared this pain with countless users. 1,570,000 Google Search Results Pages (SERPs) can’t be wrong(more…)

Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention: 05/17/15 to 05/23/15

Sunday Brunch Newspaper Large

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Hi Social Media ReInvention Community! Today’s share-worthy links are packed with David Letterman content. May 20, 2015 marked the King of Late Night’s final show. Mr. Letterman is one of my heroes (shared in my public fan letter to him). Many moons ago, Mr. Letterman inspired me to brave the St. Louis standup comedy open mic night circuit when I was in college. I will miss him.  (more…)