LinkedIn Mobile App Update: Personalized Invitations Are Here

Personalized invitations in LinkedIn Mobile App went live December 17, 2015

LinkedIn Mobile App Prompt Personalize Invitation

Photo Credit: by Tony Faustino


Personalized invitations in LinkedIn’s Mobile App became available on iOS and Android smartphones on December 17, 2015. Yay!

A hat tip and Thank You to Stuart Rosenthal for tweeting me and Imrich Tatiersky when this important LinkedIn Mobile App feature went live!

Tweet Stuart Rosenthal Personalizing LinkedIn Invitations

Tweet From Stuart Rosenthal on LinkedIn’s Mobile App


Here are step-by-step instructions for iOS / iPhones when personalizing our LinkedIn Invitations with the latest version of LinkedIn’s Mobile App.


Step 1: Personalized Invitations Requires Downloading LinkedIn’s Mobile App Update 9.0.2

Start At The iPhone App Store. The 9.02 LinkedIn Mobile App Update took place on December 17, 2015. The update confirms the  “added ability to personalize an invitation to connect.”

iOS App Store LinkedIn Mobile App

LinkedIn Mobile App Details in iOS App Store


Step 2. Confirm and Read The Latest Instructions From LinkedIn’s Help Center for Personalized Invitations 

It Pays To Read The Instructions First. These are the latest LinkedIn Help Center Instructions for personalized invitations as of December 17, 2015:

Personalized Invitation LinkedIn Mobile App Instructions

Personalized Invitations With LinkedIn Mobile App: iOS & Android


Step 3. Search For The LinkedIn Member You Want To Connect To

Here’s what a search result looks like in LinkedIn Mobile App. For this example, we’re going to use the LinkedIn Profile of Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President Apple’s Retail and Online Stores:

LinkedIn Mobile App Search Result iPhone

LinkedIn Mobile App Search: Angela Ahrendts


Angela’s LinkedIn Profile looks like this in an iPhone / iOS smartphone after tapping on the search result:

Angela Ahrendts Profile LinkedIn Mobile App

LinkedIn Mobile App Profile: Angela Ahrendts


Step 4. Tap On The “Menu Icon” In The Top, Right Hand Corner of The LinkedIn Profile

In Angela Ahrendt’s LinkedIn Profile, the three (3) white dots in the top, right hand corner of our smartphone screens are what we’re looking for:

Menu Icon LinkedIn Mobile App

Three (3) White Dots Represent “The Menu Icon”


Step 5. Select The “Personalize Invite” Prompt  

After tapping “The Menu Icon,” we’re greeted by six (6) additional prompts:

  • Send via Private Message
  • Share via …
  • Connect (Note: Pressing this command sends out the generic / boilerplate LinkedIn Invitation)
  • Personalize Invite
  • InMail
  • Report / Block
Personalize Invite Prompt LinkedIn Mobile App

Personalize Invite Is The Prompt You’re Looking For!


Step 6. Write Your Personalized Invitation From LinkedIn’s Mobile App

The screen for writing a personalized invitation looks like this on an iPhone:

iPhone Personalized Invitation LinkedIn Mobile App

iPhone LinkedIn Mobile App: Personalized Invitation


Here’s an update from LinkedIn’s Help Center on character limits for LinkedIn Invitations and Messages:

Character Limits LinkedIn Invitations

Observe the Character Limits in LinkedIn Invitations and Messages


There You Go! Good luck using this important LinkedIn’s Mobile App feature. Let me know if personalizing invitations on LinkedIn’s Mobile App increases your mobile app use. I’m curious to hear from iOS and Android users.



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