Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Gun For Twitter’s and Google’s Hearts and Souls

Latest strategic choice: Personalize competitors' strengths into Facebook's closed ecosystem

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The Wall Street Journal’s Deepa Seetharaman published this great article: Facebook Takes Aim at Search Again. Take time to read Deepa’s article because she delivers important insight on Mark Zuckerberg’s unrelenting competitiveness and strategic genius.

Zuckerberg Is Going To Battle Twitter and Google Head-to-Head

And, he’s going directly at Twitter and Google’s strategic strengths and capabilities:

  • Twitter: Real-Time News and Live Event Delivery
  • Google: Search Advertising and Search Marketing

In my opinion, Zuckerberg is going to lever the strengths of Facebook’s closed ecosystem to further reinforce why B2C (business-to-consumer) brands should invest their advertising dollars in Facebook and Facebook Atlas:

  • Individual Consumers Demand A Mobile One Screen World Experience
  • Facebook Can Personalize The Consumer Experience Better As A Closed Ecosystem
  • People Still Value Search (And Will Continue To Value It Long Term)
  • Ad Blocking Software Is A Zero Factor In A Closed App Ecosystem

Here’s the comment I posted in The Wall Street Journal:

Deepa, thank you for this analysis on how Mark Zuckerberg continues looking for ways to make Facebook the 21st century’s top B2C advertising platform. He’s attacking Twitter and Google in each firm’s backyard strengths: 1) Twitter – real time, news delivery and 2) Google – search advertising and search marketing. Zuckerberg’s strategic decision to tailor and personalize them within Facebook’s closed ecosystem reinforces the value proposition and ROI business case for consumer brands to invest in Facebook Atlas.

When you wrap in Facebook’s awareness and strengths in mobile computing, it’s clear they see the smartphone as the most important 21st century consumer delivery platform. Zuckerberg and Facebook are placing their bets on the power of the consumer one-screen world experience: the one staring the consumer in the face at the moment in time she/he wants it (which for now is the smartphone).

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Zuckerberg has a lot going on as a strategist. What Say You?


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