Content Marketing And SEO Work Together: Smart Links January 29

Sunday Brunch Reads With Social Media ReInvention

content marketing and seo work together

Successful Inbound Marketing and Public Relations Requires Content Marketing and SEO Work Together

This past week, I attended webinars, started studying books, and read articles with a common theme: When content marketing and SEO work together, long term, impactful business goals are achieved.

This resounding theme also touches upon another key element: a publishing strategy integrating content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) is sustainable. These experts share their views on important changes in marketing organization (and individual) skills, mindsets, and organizational structures.

That’s a huge deal for all businesses:

  • Large Corporations
  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs)
  • Freelance Professionals

Here are links to these great articles on where inbound marketing and public relations are heading to deliver more meaningful business outcomes and results.


LinkedIn Mobile App Update: Personalized Invitations Are Here

Personalized invitations in LinkedIn Mobile App went live December 17, 2015

LinkedIn Mobile App Prompt Personalize Invitation

Photo Credit: by Tony Faustino


Personalized invitations in LinkedIn’s Mobile App became available on iOS and Android smartphones on December 17, 2015. Yay!

A hat tip and Thank You to Stuart Rosenthal for tweeting me and Imrich Tatiersky when this important LinkedIn Mobile App feature went live!

Tweet Stuart Rosenthal Personalizing LinkedIn Invitations

Tweet From Stuart Rosenthal on LinkedIn’s Mobile App


Here are step-by-step instructions for iOS / iPhones when personalizing our LinkedIn Invitations with the latest version of LinkedIn’s Mobile App.



Unemployed Attorneys Should Build Online Platforms Not Sue Their Law Schools

Content marketing strategy and tactics for lawyers and law school graduates seeking jobs

Lawyer Shingle

Photo Credit: by Wesley Fryer via flickr


Sara Randazzo, a Wall Street Journal reporter, published this article, Jobless Graduates Who Sued Law Schools Find Little Success in Court.

She shares how Law School Class of 2011 and 2012 J.D.’s from New York Law School, Florida Coastal School of Law, Hofstra Law, Cooley Law School, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, DePaul University College of Law, Widener University School of Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and others filed class action lawsuits against their their alma maters for consumer fraud.

These unhappy graduates claimed their law schools mislead them about their post-graduation employment prospects (direct article quotes):

Disgruntled law-school graduates who filed suits accusing their alma maters of deceiving them about their chances of landing a well-paying job haven’t had much success in court.

More than a dozen class actions were filed in 2011 and 2012, but courts across the country have knocked out the lawsuits one by one, including a recent dismissal in Florida. Only a few remain.


I sense this frustration because the jobless recovery is realStatistical analysis and employment research proves white collar jobs for undergraduates and graduate program students started disappearing in 2002.

There’s Good News. I see opportunity for these unemployed attorneys. I see solo entrepreneurs with legal expertise to offer clients. Here are three (3) online platform ideas so unemployed lawyers as well as practicing ones can land their own clients and market themselves.



For Our Children: Humans Are Underrated By Geoff Colvin

My book review of Humans Are Underrated: What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will

Geoff Colvin Humans Are UnderratedHumans Are Underrated: What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will by Geoff Colvin is an inspiring book about how and what we can individually do to prepare ourselves and our children for the 21st century workplace revolution happening before our eyes.

White Collar Middle Management Ranks Will Continue Disappearing At An Accelerated Rate. Geoff’s detailed, fact-based research is sobering. Continuous advances in software design, machine learning, and artificial intelligence results in the need for fewer, white collar workers.

Remember, white collar workforces? MBA-types, MD-types, JD-types, aka the left-brain masters of the universe?

Cognitive, analytical work is on an accelerated chopping block. Increasing automation and computing power means replacing humans isn’t isolated to blue collar Americans.

A Phenomenon Extending Beyond Decades-Old Outsourcing. Why? Because machines do old-school, cognitive, and analytical work better than humans. That prowess IS EXACTLY what machines do better.


Social Media ReInvention in 2015 Business Press, Industry Blogs, and LinkedIn Pulse

Important news mentions and citations are increasing!

Hooray Happy Man Clicking Heels

Photo Credit: by sheggy via flickr


This post contains self-promotion. But, please stay to share in the great news at Social Media ReInvention.

When good things happen, it’s important to reflect and express gratitude.

The Social Media ReInvention Community continues earning important news media mentions and credibility you generously support it. Thank YOU for investing your time in our growing community and sharing my work with your family, friends, and colleagues.

I can’t thank you enough. May your respective 2015’s be filled with many blessings for you and your families 🙂 (more…)

Google’s $400 Billion Trusted Advisor Superstar: Ruth Porat, Chief Financial Officer

Spoken and Written Words STILL Matter in A Big Data, Algorithm-Driven World

Wad of Cash in Rubberband

Photo Credit: Refracted Moments(TM)


Spoken and written words STILL have a powerful and influential impact in a world increasingly driven by computer code, big data, and mathematical algorithms.

Ruth Porat, Google’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), demonstrated during her June 16th investor relations conference call with Wall Street analysts why communicating with purpose, managing expectations, and showing “I’m actively listening” are still (and will continue to be) the hallmark skills of a successful 21st Century Trusted Advisor.


Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention: 06/14/15 to 06/20/15

Sunday Brunch Newspaper Large

Photo Credit: Anton Diaz


Please indulge me until Friday, July 31st 12:00 AM Midnight Central Time as I use the introductory paragraph of Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention to promote my nephew’s Kickstarter Campaign for his company, QuadshoX LLC. I wrote about Johnny Morris’ spinal cord injury and remarkable story in this blog post: America’s Gutsiest CEO and His Kickstarter Project Need Your Support.

Here’s the link to QuadshoX’s inspiring YouTube video to promote its Kickstarter Campaign:

The following news organizations wrote these wonderful articles about how Johnny’s and Team QuadshoX’s Corporate Mission is to transform the American wheelchair industry:

Johnny and Team QuadshoX have a limited window to raise $96,000 for the company’s initial inventory. Please join me in financially supporting the Team QuadshoX Kickstarter Campaign and join them in improving the lives of 6 million+ people wheelchair bound Americans.

Your Sunday Brunch Silicon Valley Catchphrase of the Week: “It’s like Uber for

Thank YOU for Social Media Community Members who have generously financially supported Johnny’s Kickstarter Campaign. Here are this week’s Sunday Brunch Reads for your enjoyment:

1. Why Ellen Pao Was Doomed To Lose. I’ve read Patricia Sellers’ Fortune Magazine articles for years because I’m a subscriber. She’s a top business journalist and an industry insider on women’s issues and corporate power in the elite Fortune 100. Her personal access to the men and women in CEO and senior executive boardrooms is one few people possess. That’s why I pay close attention to these quotes from her article on why Ellen Pao never had a chance of winning her sexual harassment lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers(more…)

America’s Gutsiest CEO and His KickStarter Project Need Your Support

America's Gutsiest CEO John Morris QuadShox LLC

Photo Credit: Arianna Kilmer, QuadShox LLC

The young man in this photo has a smile that could power New York City’s Times Square. He carries a heart bigger than North America. He Is America’s Gutsiest CEO.

He’s quadriplegic. He’s also my beloved nephew, John Morris, CEO of QuadshoX LLC(more…)

Sunday Brunch Reads With Social Media ReInvention: 05/25/15 to 05/30/15

Sunday Brunch Newspaper Large

Photo Credit: Anton Diaz


I hope your Memorial Day Weekend was filled with the company of family and friends around the barbecue grill. Well, that’s how we roll here in the Kansas City area.

As part of today’s Sunday Brunch Reads (and future ones), I’m including a Silicon Valley catchphrase. This management-speak observation is inspired by Tom Anderson’s thoughts regarding the satirical portrayal of the region from HBO’s television show, Silicon Valley. Anderson is the former President and Co-Founder of MySpace.

Here’s Anderson’s direct quote from a recent Vanity Fair article (note I added the formatting for emphasis):

It does ring true. I think the show’s most successful in highlighting the deluded self-perception of so many in the industry. “To make the world a better place,” is a running joke and one that struck me as the funniest. When I was a kid, everyone wanted to be in a band—that was the path to girls, adulation, money. By the time I’d reached college, everyone wanted to be a doctor or lawyer, for similar motivations. Now it’s dot-coms—start-up founders are the new rock stars; and the self-importance on display is obnoxious, especially when masked by fake altruism.

Your Sunday Brunch Silicon Valley Catchphrase of the Week: To Make The World a Better Place. 

Thanks and enjoy these links as part of your Sunday Brunch: (more…)

When I Was 22, David Letterman Reigned Supreme Over Late Night Television

A Public Fan Letter to My Generation's King of Comedy

David Letterman Autographed Photo

Photo Credit: Alan Light

Dear Mr. Letterman,

I and Millions of American Viewers Will Miss You. I grew up in a small, Indiana town not far from your hometown of Indianapolis, IN. When I entered college in 1984, I began following your brilliant television career every night at 11:35 AM Central Time. You made me laugh with millions of other students in American college campuses. You reminded me five nights a week why I shouldn’t always take life, myself, or the status quo too seriously. I needed your funny, unique, and irreverent perspective during a difficult time in my life.  (more…)