40,000 Reasons LinkedIn Is Now A B2B Company

Is the company shifting its priorities from individual members to enterprises?

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I think I pissed off The Wall Street Journal Technology Team. Last night, I unsuccessfully published a comment to Deepa Seetharaman‘s great article, LinkedIn Gets Boost From Mobile, Overseas Users.

Google Chrome issues continue rearing its ugly head whenever I comment on blog posts or articles in The WSJ, LinkedIn, or Medium. Great. Now, I’m blacklisted as a spammer for multiple publishing attempts.

Here’s the comment I intended to post at The Wall Street Journal. The following quote contains modifications because I’m exceeding the 1000 character limit in WSJ’s commenting system:


LinkedIn’s Project Voyager Mobile App Still Has A MAJOR Shortcoming

Inability to customize LinkedIn invitations via revamped mobile app is a mistake

LinkedIn Mobile Phone App flickr

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(Updated November 28, 2015) Please refer to my post, LinkedIn Mobile App Hack: 5 Easy Steps To Personal Connection Requests: How to customize LinkedIn Invitations with LinkedIn’s Mobile App.

The Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat, and ZDNet published stories about LinkedIn’s improved and revamped LinkedIn Mobile App. Each article ignores an important, missing feature to improve the LinkedIn mobile user experience.


37 Reasons Twitter Should Keep 140 Characters (Each In 140 Or Less)

Why I Love Twitter's 140 Character Count Constraints

140 Characters Twitter PumpkinsPhoto Credit: via flickr by Average Jane


Here are 37 reasons I believe Twitter should keep the 140-character count constraint. Please help me get this list to 140.

Please abide by one (1) rule. Your reason(s) must be 140 characters or less (including the number). For example, Reason #1 equals 11 characters. Here’s the link to The Twitter Character Counter Tool I used to help me write this post.

Please share your ideas in the comments with your Twitter handle (mine is @tonyfaustino).

I’ll do my part to share your ideas with my following as we collectively work to reach 140 reasons.

Go. (more…)

America’s Gutsiest CEO and His KickStarter Project Need Your Support

America's Gutsiest CEO John Morris QuadShox LLC

Photo Credit: Arianna Kilmer, QuadShox LLC

The young man in this photo has a smile that could power New York City’s Times Square. He carries a heart bigger than North America. He Is America’s Gutsiest CEO.

He’s quadriplegic. He’s also my beloved nephew, John Morris, CEO of QuadshoX LLC(more…)

Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention: 05/17/15 to 05/23/15

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Hi Social Media ReInvention Community! Today’s share-worthy links are packed with David Letterman content. May 20, 2015 marked the King of Late Night’s final show. Mr. Letterman is one of my heroes (shared in my public fan letter to him). Many moons ago, Mr. Letterman inspired me to brave the St. Louis standup comedy open mic night circuit when I was in college. I will miss him.  (more…)

A Public Fan Letter to Marissa Mayer: Keep Fighting. Don’t Give Up.

Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO

Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Dear Marissa,

Navy Seals say, “the only easy day was yesterday.”

I can’t imagine what you feel as negative press swirls around you during your CEO tenure at Yahoo!. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like you’ve been under personal siege since the summer of 2012 when you accepted Yahoo!’s top job. Tomorrow, a well-publicized book will be released about you. I’ve pre-ordered it to review and draw my own conclusions.

But, I don’t have to read the book to conclude how “tearing down Marissa Mayer” exploded into a schadenfreude, spectator sport.

I’m not a Yahoo! stockholder, but I cheer and root for you. Everyday. (more…)

Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention: 12/28/14 to 01/02/15


Sunday Brunch Newspaper

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Happy 2015! Hard to believe a new year's already here?

I found many interesting and thought-provoking articles to share this week. Thank you for supporting the Social Media ReInvention Community. Enjoy your brunch!


1. Fast Company: 14 Tips to Make 2015 Your Most Productive Year Yet. How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve already slipped up. Maybe, there’s a better way: Focus on Themes Not Goals. Let's focus our efforts on one thing at a time so these changes become productive, lifelong habits.

That’s a goal worth shooting for (yes, rah-rah puns intended)! 

2. Seth’s Blog: The Meritocracy Trap. Seth Godin calls out the David Sacks quote discussed in Joe Nocera’s New York Times Op-Ed piece on personal success and meritocracy — "Silicon Valley’s Mirror Effect.” Seth’s post describes the perils in achieving ultra-phenomenal success: it can lead to self-serving cultures, attitudes, and mindsets.

Seth’s and Joe’s articles make me think what I can do as a proud dad and father to two young daughters. I want the best for them. I want them to have the same opportunities (and more) my parents created for me and my sister.

That’s how this next article comes into play …

3. WSJ Online – Digits Blog: The Year Silicon Valley Spilled Its Diversity Data. This interactive, diversity data website simply and visually explains the hiring data story behind Silicon Valley’s gender and diversity gap in The Valley’s most prestigious and successful companies:

  • Apple
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo!
  • Google
  • Twitter 
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Microsoft
  • Intel
The current order displayed in the aforementioned bullet points portrays the percentages of women in Silicon Valley leadership positions (from highest to lowest). Guesstimating the overall average percentage: ~25%. The numbers become more discouraging when analyzing the percentages of women by individual company — less than 20%.
Concern engulfs me as I evaluate these numbers. I want my daughters to have positive female role models before they reach university age. Technology drives and touches every important aspect of our lives and livelihoods. This trend has got to stop.
Other regions of the United States should capitalize on this opportunity to aggressively positioning and transforming their cities into hubs where female company founders flock to create their own companies. 
My advice to my young daughters and millions of talented, young women: Build and Own YOUR Table. Be like Jessica Herrin (CEO and Founder of Stella & Dot). 
To Hell With The Boys Table.


Your Turn

Please let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts in the comments. If you disagree, I would love to hear from you. I’m also here to read, listen, and learn from YOUR PERSPECTIVE.   Comments are open. So let’er rip!

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Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention: Week of 11/30/14 to 12/4/14

Sunday Brunch Newspaper

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Hi Social Media ReInvention Community Members! Apologies for not consistently posting our Sunday Brunch Edition. External circumstances prevented me from keeping up. I promise to do better job. I hope you celebrated blessed and happy Thanksgiving Holidays with loved ones and friends. 

Here are your share-worthy links. Enjoy your Sunday Brunch!

1) CNET: How-To Video: Upgrade Your RAM on Your MacBook Pro. I upgraded the RAM on my MacBook Pro 15 this week. I suck as a do-it-yourselfer (DIY). I researched required steps and tools to lessen my anxiety and increase my confidence. The Result: I successfully upgraded my MacBook Pro 15 (late 2011) from 4MB to 8 MB of RAM (and she performs like a champ)!

MacBook Pro 15 Successful RAM Upgrade

As I type, I’m running seven (7) applications: iTunes, Google Chrome (with 12 tabs open), Apple Preview, MarsEdit, Finder, Evernote, and Dashlane. Here’s the content I found most helpful: 

  • You’ll need a Phillips 00 screwdriver to unscrew the bottom panel. I paid a premium price for the iFixit 54 Bit Driver Kit because the magnetized screwdriver bits are HUGE in removing and reinserting the six (6) tiny screws on the back panel. There’s a reason I went to business school instead of medical school (HINT: I lack a surgeon's dexterity).


2) Fast Company: What Every Young Designer Should Know, From Legendary Apple Designer Susan Kare. Kare has two (2) simple rules for designers: 1) Fake It Tlll You Make It and 2) Design Never Really Changes. I personally relate to Rule #1. When she applied applied for Apple’s graphic designer position, she worked at a furniture store. She prepared for her interview by studying graphic design books from the Palo Alto library (direct article quotes): 

Having designed many of the Mac's early system fonts such as Chicago, the (original) San Francisco, Geneva, and Monaco, Kare is one of the pioneers of early digital typography. But when she first applied to Apple, she was pulling her type design qualifications out of thin air.
"I was working at a furniture store at the time, and I didn't know the first thing about designing a typeface," she told me. "But I'd studied graphic design, so I said, 'How hard can it be?'" So Kare went to the Palo Alto Library and took out a number of books on typography. "I even brought them to my interview to prove I knew something about type, if anyone asked!" she laughs. "I went into it totally green."

She's not so green now. Here's a great video of Susan Kare sharing her design expertise:

Susan Kare, Iconographer (EG8) from EG Conference on Vimeo.


If Susan Kare listened to The Resistance, she wouldn’t have achieved her Apple Legendary Designer status. So let’s fake it till we make it. Or, as Dorie Clark of Reinventing YOU, says: “Fake It Till You Become It.”    


3) Fortune Magazine: GE CMO Comstock's New Job: Reinventing the Lightbulb. I’m a HUGE Beth Comstock fan. Her strategy to reinvent and power (pun intended) GE's 130-year old lighting business includes embedding social and digital media throughout the business. Comstock transformed GE into a creative, infuential and credible digital marketing player:

Here’s a direct quote from the Google Think article about Beth Comstock titled Market Maker:

The 52-year-old often describes her job as "connecting the dots"–between GE's seven segments (Power & Water, Oil & Gas, Energy Management, Aviation, Transportation, Healthcare, Home & Business Solutions), its many markets, and between the company and the outside world. It's something Comstock regularly does as head of GE's sales, marketing, and communications, and in her management of the company's multi-billion-dollar Ecomagination and Healthymagination initiatives, dedicated to environmental and health care innovation respectively.
In her travels and conversations with customers, she constantly scans for patterns. "When you're in this business, you see a lot of things," Comstock notes. "Marketers are in a great position to notice if something's happening in an industry like energy or healthcare."

Think About that Quote for a Moment.
Beth Comstock explained how a great marketer’s expertise is a game changing asset in understanding and exploiting opportunity. Digital and social media marketing continues accepting the rap, “we can’t measure return on investment (ROI)!” Follow her advice and make the case of how not only your digital marketing efforts identify relevant opportunities but also how your expertise uniquely enables you (personally) to identify new business opportunities.

If that’s not a measurable ROI, I’ll be this guy’s uncle:

Chimpanzee Uncle

Photo Credit: Gemma Stiles


Your Turn

Please let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear from you. I’m here to read, listen, and learn from YOUR PERSPECTIVE.   Comments are open. So let’er rip!

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