Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Gun For Twitter’s and Google’s Hearts and Souls

Latest strategic choice: Personalize competitors' strengths into Facebook's closed ecosystem

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The Wall Street Journal’s Deepa Seetharaman published this great article: Facebook Takes Aim at Search Again. Take time to read Deepa’s article because she delivers important insight on Mark Zuckerberg’s unrelenting competitiveness and strategic genius.


37 Reasons Twitter Should Keep 140 Characters (Each In 140 Or Less)

Why I Love Twitter's 140 Character Count Constraints

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Here are 37 reasons I believe Twitter should keep the 140-character count constraint. Please help me get this list to 140.

Please abide by one (1) rule. Your reason(s) must be 140 characters or less (including the number). For example, Reason #1 equals 11 characters. Here’s the link to The Twitter Character Counter Tool I used to help me write this post.

Please share your ideas in the comments with your Twitter handle (mine is @tonyfaustino).

I’ll do my part to share your ideas with my following as we collectively work to reach 140 reasons.

Go. (more…)

Five Reasons Why Self-Publishing Exclusively on LinkedIn Is Bad Business

Invest in Yourself. Protect Your Personal Brand. Publish a Self-Hosted Blog.

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Bolota Asmeron, a member of the Linkedin Elite Centipede outs on a temporary Linkedin tattoo before the start of the 2010 Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco.

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Important Note: An intelligent and thought-provoking discussion from The Writing on LinkedIn Group inspired this latest post. Matt Sekol initiated the discussion thread, Where’s The Traditional Blog. It’s people like Matt Sekol (and many others) who reaffirm my belief and commitment to why The Writing on LinkedIn Group is one of the most important, intelligent, and enjoyable communities for engaging with and learning from like-minded individuals within LinkedIn.

Last week, I read Alexandra Samuel’s thoughtful post on Harvard Business ReviewHave LinkedIn and Medium Killed the Old-Fashioned Blog? Almost three years ago and 1 million Linkedin writers later, LinkedIn launched its self-described definitive publishing platform.

I submitted a comment stating why limiting our self-publishing investments to third-party platforms like LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform and Medium without investing in a self-hosted, personal website or personal blog is a career and business mistake.

Here are more detailed thoughts expanding on my comment in Alexandra’s post.  (more…)

Sunday Brunch Reads With Social Media ReInvention: 06/28/15 to 07/04/15

Chris Sacca on Fixing Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium Killing Blogging, and THE Trusted Advisor Way to Getting More Client Meetings

Sunday Brunch Newspaper

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Please indulge me until Friday, July 31st 12:00 AM Midnight Central Time as I use the introductory paragraph of Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention to promote my nephew’s Kickstarter Campaign for his company, QuadshoX LLC.

I wrote about Johnny Morris’ spinal cord injury and remarkable story in this blog post: America’s Gutsiest CEO and His Kickstarter Project Need Your Support.

Here’s the link to QuadshoX’s inspiring YouTube video to promote its Kickstarter Campaign:


Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention: Week of 04/27/15 to 05/02/15

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Hi Social Media ReInvention Community! Here are your share-worthy links for your enjoyment and discussion. Thanks again for your ongoing support of my work. Enjoy these links and your Sunday Brunch!


1. eMarketer: Marketers Struggle to Map Multichannel Customers’ Journeys. This article proves why Facebook Atlas is primed to become the advertising platform of choice. Few marketers and brands understand how consumers conduct their pre-sale research, convert to qualified leads, purchase goods and services, and become repeat customers (i.e., post-sale / loyalty behavior). Winning brands of the future will: (more…)

When Did Larry Page Become Steve Ballmer?

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Farhad Manjoo of The New York Times published this thought-provoking article: Google’s Time At The Top May Be Nearing Its End. Manjoo discusses how Google’s current and past domination in desktop search advertising is leading to the source of its undoing as a technology leader.  (more…)

Sunday Brunch Reads with Social Media ReInvention: 12/28/14 to 01/02/15


Sunday Brunch Newspaper

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Happy 2015! Hard to believe a new year's already here?

I found many interesting and thought-provoking articles to share this week. Thank you for supporting the Social Media ReInvention Community. Enjoy your brunch!


1. Fast Company: 14 Tips to Make 2015 Your Most Productive Year Yet. How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve already slipped up. Maybe, there’s a better way: Focus on Themes Not Goals. Let's focus our efforts on one thing at a time so these changes become productive, lifelong habits.

That’s a goal worth shooting for (yes, rah-rah puns intended)! 

2. Seth’s Blog: The Meritocracy Trap. Seth Godin calls out the David Sacks quote discussed in Joe Nocera’s New York Times Op-Ed piece on personal success and meritocracy — "Silicon Valley’s Mirror Effect.” Seth’s post describes the perils in achieving ultra-phenomenal success: it can lead to self-serving cultures, attitudes, and mindsets.

Seth’s and Joe’s articles make me think what I can do as a proud dad and father to two young daughters. I want the best for them. I want them to have the same opportunities (and more) my parents created for me and my sister.

That’s how this next article comes into play …

3. WSJ Online – Digits Blog: The Year Silicon Valley Spilled Its Diversity Data. This interactive, diversity data website simply and visually explains the hiring data story behind Silicon Valley’s gender and diversity gap in The Valley’s most prestigious and successful companies:

  • Apple
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo!
  • Google
  • Twitter 
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Microsoft
  • Intel
The current order displayed in the aforementioned bullet points portrays the percentages of women in Silicon Valley leadership positions (from highest to lowest). Guesstimating the overall average percentage: ~25%. The numbers become more discouraging when analyzing the percentages of women by individual company — less than 20%.
Concern engulfs me as I evaluate these numbers. I want my daughters to have positive female role models before they reach university age. Technology drives and touches every important aspect of our lives and livelihoods. This trend has got to stop.
Other regions of the United States should capitalize on this opportunity to aggressively positioning and transforming their cities into hubs where female company founders flock to create their own companies. 
My advice to my young daughters and millions of talented, young women: Build and Own YOUR Table. Be like Jessica Herrin (CEO and Founder of Stella & Dot). 
To Hell With The Boys Table.


Your Turn

Please let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts in the comments. If you disagree, I would love to hear from you. I’m also here to read, listen, and learn from YOUR PERSPECTIVE.   Comments are open. So let’er rip!

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Social Media ReInvention Blog: 2014’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts

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Thank YOU. Publishing and writing for Social Media ReInvention Community Members brings me immense joy and fulfillment. I can’t thank you enough for your amazing support and generosity to read and share my content. Thank you of sticking with me for five and half years! Time’s flown by.

2014’s Most Popular Social Media ReInvention Blog Posts

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6. Book Review: The New Rules of Sales and Service by David Meerman Scott

7. #FAIL: #AppleLive Debacle Exposes Apple’s Real-Time Marketing Weaknesses

8. 4 More Gifts to Support Others That Power Your After Age 50 Reinvention

9. 3 Tips on Writing and Storytelling from Twitter’s Investor Relations Team

10. Tim Cook’s Killer Innovation Hack: Diversity in Thought in Apple’s Ecosystem (with a Capital D)


LinkedIn Pulse Featured Three (3) Posts in Selected Channels

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Have a Joyous and Blessed Merry Christmas and Holiday Season

Be Well. I look forward to seeing you soon after the Christmas Holiday!


Your Turn

Please let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear from you. I’m here to read, listen, and learn from YOUR PERSPECTIVE.   Comments are open. So let’er rip!

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