3 Career Management Lessons for a Social Media Age I Learned From My Dad

Happy New Year!



I made a 2014 resolution to publish an eBook / presentation.

This presentation / eBook describes three (3) career management lessons I've learned from my Dad and applied to my own career:  

1) Learn From the Best  

2) Get Published  

3) Get Back Up — Fast!  

My Dad inspired me to apply each of these lessons in a digital marketing and social media context (e.g., blogging, participating in Twitter, reading books of marketing strategy thought leaders, connecting directly with marketing strategy thought leaders, etc.).  

These lessons describe the opportunity for online self-publishing, personal brand / personal reputation management, and the teachings of different marketing strategy authors.   The marketing strategy authors (and their books and blogs) that have inspired me include Seth Godin, Ann Handley, Mitch Joel, Tom Peters, and David Meerman Scott.  

It's my way of showing my Dad how much I admire and respect his individual achievements (and the obstacles he overcame).  

Thank you and I hope you enjoy and benefit from reading it. If you find the content helpful, please feel free to share this presentation with others. 

Have an Amazing and Blessed 2014!

Tony Faustino is a marketing and corporate strategist.  He writes about how The Internet reinvents marketing strategy for organizations and individuals in his marketing strategy blog, Social Media ReInvention.  Follow his tweets @tonyfaustino  or circle him on Google+.

4 thoughts on “3 Career Management Lessons for a Social Media Age I Learned From My Dad

  1. David, your kindness and generosity to write this comment means so much to me – Thank You! I pointed out in slides 27-37 your importance as one of my professional influences / mentors. You’re the best, my man.

  2. Barb! This so such a kind and sweet comment – Thank You. It means a lot to me. I hope you and your family have a blessed and amazing 2014. Congratulations to you and your family as in celebrating your 15-year wedding anniversary!

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