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March 17, 2012


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Jessie Young

Tony - your inspiration is infectious. It's been great getting to know you in the LinkedIn group and I look forward to your next 3 posts.

Question: I think your post about investing in yourself, your network, and society is a great one. How are you doing this?

Tony Faustino

Jessie, you're so kind to leave this comment. Thank You! Absolutely makes my week! I've also enjoyed getting to know you through the Start-Up of You LinkedIn Group. I love reading your comments and article contributions because they're very thought-provoking. Just like your question here :-)

Invest In Yourself: I'm working on practicing some of the book's key concepts every month. For the rest of this month and April, I'm focusing on taking intelligent risks. I'm proactively looking for more ways "to say yes" to opportunities. Instead of thinking I'll dilute my focus and bring unwanted to stress to a life that's already pretty stressful with my current job and a newborn in our family, I'm focusing on the upside these opportunities can produce (i.e., new contacts and experiences that will force me to keep learning and stretching in my industry and in technology). The investment in myself will increase the value of my soft assets. And, that means I have to be more creative and proactive in investing in my network ...

Invest In Your Network: The principle of the power of small gifts really impacted me. One of the book's key principles linked to "small gifts" is the importance of "refreshing your relationships" in our respective networks. I started practicing the "small gifts" principle in my client communications when asking for personal meetings. For example, I'd include in my emails a link to an industry article that I thought addressed a problem my individual client is currently confronting. This principle increased the receptivity of individual clients taking time from their busy schedules to personally meet with me. But, I also need to practice the "small gifts" principle with close friends and other business associates that I haven't contacted in awhile. That's something I'll be working on in the next month.

Invest In Society: I've lived in the Kansas City area for 6.5 years (can't believe time has flown by that fast). I've been looking for something where I can give back. I think I've finally found it by applying for (and being accepted) as a Mentor at University of Missouri Kansas City's Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I'm really excited about participating! Kansas City's civic mission is to become the most entrepreneurial city in the world. Kansas City is steeped in entrepreneurial success and tradition due to the founders of H&R Block, Hallmark, American Century Investments, Marion Laboratories, and The Kauffman Foundation. I want to contribute to that civic mission. And, I think being a contributor (even in a small way) to UMKC's Entrepreneurship program is one way to directly participate in Kansas City's future growth and development.

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