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January 16, 2012


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Thom Brodeur

I've worked with Julie Roehm, and here's all I have to say about her. She is a BRILLIANT marketing strategist and capable tactician. She is no b.s., the real deal, and is a giant among marketers. What's more? The biggest, baddest global brand couldn't crush her, no matter how hard they tried. Why? Because you simply CANNOT make 'real' disappear.

Tony Faustino

Thom, it's so thoughtful of you to share your comment especially because you personally know Julie Roehm. I've never met her but I've followed her career since she was a fast-rising star at Chrysler.

I'm a management consulting guy in way of professional training. So, I examine things through fact-based analysis (At least, I hope I articulated that type of analysis in this post).

There's no question Ms. Roehm understands how to focus the power and influence of new media in marketing strategy. To your point, she "leveled the playing field" by creating, publishing, and distributing content that favorably marketed her strengths.

And, she consistently and strategically created that content over a five (5) year period. That grit and resolve served her well.


I can attest that Julie Roehm is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant minds I have come accross, and I consider that I have been among higly intelligent and technical people considered brilliant. She is extremely sharp, shoots ideas, marketing concepts, crafts a strategy, an extremely good one, while the whole idea is still being pitched to her... nothing short of amazing... But more importantly, she is an uncommonly kind, helpful, and thoughtful person especially given her talent. I have a huge amount of admiration for her, and I am not at all surprised that it was only a matter of time before she would regain her ranks among the leading marketing experts in this country...

Tony Faustino

Marieme, thank you for taking time to write your comment. I've never had the privilege of meeting or personally knowing Ms. Roehm. Therefore, your personal experiences working with her are sincerely appreciated. Thank you for sharing those experiences with members of this community. Like you, I'm looking forward to seeing how Ms. Roehm's marketing expertise will shape SAP's future branding strategy.


Thanks for sharing Julie's story. I've recently started up a blog and twitter account with no real strategy, but knowing that I needed to display some of my skills, abilities and personality in some "public" place. My goal in getting started was to build a new set of skills for my current job, while also getting my name out there a bit more with something I can show for my next job, whatever that may be. It helps to see a reasonable strategy that any one of us can tweak and follow in our own similar efforts.

Tony Faustino

@Vicarious: Thank you for this thoughtful comment especially because you personalized it. You're way ahead of the game by taking the initiative to not only build new skills but also build your own online content portfolio. It takes time, patience, and experimentation to create and publish content that genuinely differentiates you as a personal brand.

I have no doubt you'll be successful! Why? Because your positive attitude identified what you needed to do. And, most importantly, you've already started! That's HUGE. Good Luck and thanks again for stopping by.

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