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January 10, 2012


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Tony, you always make me think when you write your blog posts and this one is another home run. A few things popped out of the post to me.

First: "Write or blog because you love it. Not to get paid for it." Your statement on how you have been asked how or if you plan to monetize your blog and now you know that you will do it for free gave me pause to think about my own blog.

I have been writing and managing my job seekers blog for over a year now. I started it in October 2010 because I saw a need for a central location where Kansas City area job seekers could go to find the latest networking events for this area. It expanded to include marketing/web job leads in April of 2011. I know this blog has been a tremendous help to many people in the Kansas City area who are looking for a new job.

I have thought about the potential of monetizing the blog at some point also. It does take a lot of work and time to put together all of the networking events, webinars, workshops, etc. and publish this list each week. In addition, finding the jobs to post each day and structuring them so they are relevant to the audience that reads the blog can be a challenge.

However, like you stated, writing a blog is a long haul endeavor. Doing it because you love it is what truly matters and in my case, I would have to say that is the truth. I am a natural at loving to see people be lifted up when they find a job that was listed on the blog or they connected with someone at an event that was posted. What drives me to continue the job seekers blog is seeing the difference it makes in the community.

Also, point number 4 that you mentioned in your post was: "Define Yourself by Your Art and not Your Full-Time Job." I would hope I am viewed as a leader in the job seeker community in what I contribute via the job seekers blog to help others. Again, it is not my full-time job. I manage the blog outside of my job and most often am updating it late at night. It has also been very encouraging to see how others who I have connected with via Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. who know about the blog will often retweet or send out links to the blog. They are like a mini marketing team who do it because they want to see others get back to work also. Even connecting with people outside of Kansas City who are looking to move to this area is done often. That is the true power and value of social media networks in play.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tony. Made me think and I appreciate that.

Tony Faustino

Mark, I am highly appreciative of your very thoughtful comment. Thank You! There's no question your thoughts reveal what a generous and giving person you are.

In my opinion, your KC Job Seekers Blog is the most important blog in Kansas City. The service and content you provided to help others find employment during these challenging economic times (dare I say sometimes hopeless times) is vital.

You invest significant time in maintaining / improving your blog in your free time because you want to help others succeed. That's leadership. And, that makes you the leader of an important tribe.

You're the Tribal Leader of The Put KC Back-to-Work Tribe. The folks you mentioned who act as your mini-marketing team are following your leadership (and they're important tribal members).

Keep leading my friend. And, keep up the great work!

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